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Kurdistan Solidarity Project

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Sign the international petition for the removal of PKK from the EU's list of terrorist organizations! 

Fundraiser to Serikaniye refugee camp has now ended - heartfelt thanks to the donors!

From the beginning of 2022, a joint solidarity project between Communist Youth of Finland, Kurdish Democratic Society Center (NCDK Finland) and Spartacus Foundation has been launched to raise the profile of the Kurdish struggle in Finland.


As part of the project, Kurdistan-themed events will be organized and names will be collected for the petition, in which we demand that Kurdistan Workers' Party will be removed from the EU's list of terrorist organizations. A fundraiser was organized for the Rojavan Serikaniye refugee camp's children and young people.

The aim of the project is to show solidarity with the Kurdish people's struggle for peace and justice in Kurdistan, to help people's lives in the refugee camp through fundraising, to support the work of the international Kurdish movement to release Abdullah Öcalan and other Kurdish activists from prison, and to raise knowledge of Kurdistan-related themes and democratic confederalism.


We will inform you about the affiliation of the project, its progress and the possibilities of joining the group of activists on the Communist Youth of Finland's website and on our social media channels!


Kurdistan is geographically located in the Middle East in various states and comprises mainly Kurdish areas. The goal of the International Kurdish movement is to build and promote various areas of self-government and peaceful, democratic and equal politics. One example of this is Rojava in Syrian Kurdistan.




Communist Youth of Finland is a youth organization of Communist Party of Finland (CPF). It's characterized by action against capitalism, the power of money, injustice, oppression and exploitation, and work for a new socialist system in which the above-mentioned things do not determine anyone's life. The goal is a communist society with no states or armies, for example.


Kurdish Democratic Community Center serves as a meeting place for the Kurdish community and promotes Kurdish culture and its knowledge in Finland. In addition, the community center monitors current affairs and phenomena, disseminates information and news, and analyzes political and social events, as well as organizes demonstrations and other events.


Spartacus Foundation is a foundation registered in 1989 to promote and support the political, study and research, cultural, informational and international activities of the communist and labor movement. The foundation organizes solidarity projects, research and study projects and fundraising. The foundation accepts donations and wills. Spartacus Foundation is a non-profit organization that does not engage in commercial business.

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