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A vote for the communists is the supportable statement

Kolmen kommunistinuoret vaalikuvat; vasemmalta Bex Tapanainen, Toni Kallioinen ja Jiri Mäntysalo.
Communist Youth of Finland's activists Bex Tapanainen, Toni Kallioinen and Jiri Mäntysalo.

Do you want more cuts, misery and injustice, or better services instead? The choice is ahead. The advance voting for the first county elections in Finland will continue until Tuesday 18th January. You can also vote on the election day Sunday 23th January at your own polling station.

Communists are committed to the party’s election program and will remain behind their words and principles even after the elections - unlike many of the current decision-makers running for power and reputation.

There are three Communist Youth of Finland's activists on the CPF's lists in these elections:

Bex Tapanainen - Pirkanmaa, number 486

Toni Kallioinen - North Karelia (Pohjois-Karjala) number 77

Jiri Mäntysalo - Vantaa and Kerava, number 6

At the Communist Youth of Finland's "county election coffees" held in November and January, there have been extensive discussions with various candidates and comrades about the views and goals of the communists in these elections and the work of the new county councils (in Finnish).

Also check out the ideas and demands of CPF's county election program and all CPF's candidates (in Finnish)!

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