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Bex Tapanainen is the new Chairperson of Communist Youth of Finland

Jiri Mäntysalo and Bex Tapanainen.

The third annual meeting of Communist Youth of Finland was held i Kuopio and via distance on 19th March. Physical place was the office of Communist Party of Finland's Kuopio district. At meeting was elected the new board for Communist Youth of Finland and outlined upcoming action.

Bex Tapanainen from Tampere was elected as the new Chairperson for Communist Youth of Finland. Mikael Jurvanen from Espoo was elected as the Vice-Chairperson and ex-Chairperson Jiri Mäntysalo starts working as the General Secretary. Erno Haverinen continues as the Financial Manager.

To the Board were elected too:

Niila Isojärvi

Elia Karlsson

Arvo Lehtomäki

Caro Liikanen

Ada Robbins

Timmu Aaltonen, vice-member

Heikki Ekman, vice-member

Ara Rautiainen, vice-member

Read the annual meeting's statement (in Finnish) and look at the pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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