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Communist Youth of Finland co-organizing the International Rosa Luxemburg hybrid-seminar

Kansainvälisen Rosa Luxemburg -hybridiseminaarin bannerikuva.

Welcome to the International Rosa Luxemburg hybridseminar 5.12.2021 with topics on anti-nationalism, anti-fascism and other topical issues around the Finnish Independence Day.

Topics are examined, for example, through the writings of Luxemburg and through the current situation in Finland and Europe.


  • Claudia Haydt, European Left, Germany, “The far Right in Germany in and outside parliament – Nationalism, Racism, Militarism and Anti-Fascist counter strategies”

  • Ingar Solty, Senior Research Fellow for Critical Social Analysis, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Germany

  • Camilla Kantola, Sociologist, Communist Party of Finland

  • Petra Packalén, Editor-in-chief, Tiedonantaja-media

  • Mikael Jurvanen, Communist Youth of Finland

Date: Sunday 5.12.2021

Time: 12:30pm – 5:30pm Eastern European Time, EET

Venue: Rauhanasema (Peace Station), Helsinki, Finland. Open hybrid event with Zoom webinar.

The event is international and will be held with interpretation Finnish - English – Finnish on Zoom.

The event will be live-streamed onn Online interpretation will be available when joined with Zoom. Meeting ID: 850 5220 7068

Organizers: Tiedonantaja-media, The Democratic Civic Association (DSL), European Left, Communist Party of Finland (SKP), Communist Youth of Finland

Tiedonantaja-festival 2021

The traditional press festival for Tiedonantaja (The Informant) will take on a completely new form in 2021. Due to the pandemic situation, the festival is spread all over the country and is organized for use as various events. From the beginning of the year, only webinars will be held.

The main organizers are Tiedonantaja, Communist Party of Finland (CPF) and CPF's local district organizations, The European Left, the The Democratic Civic Association (DCA) Study Center and the Communist Youth of Finland.

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