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Goal to ban communist symbols is unacceptable

Hammer and circle, our logo and text: 'Our symbols of freedom and justice'.

The latest goal by Petteri Orpo's and Riikka Purra's far-right government of investigating the possibility to ban communist symbols in Finland is undemocratic and groundless. It's unjustified to equate communism with nazism. Communist Youth of Finland will not approve of it.

The government published a statement to tackle rasism and promote equality in Finland after big debate and scandals around several ministers' and politicians' rasict texts and comments. Publishing the statement was government's 'quick fix' to calm the discussion. Orpo's and Purra's government does not have credibility to antiracist politics since it has been very difficult for government parties' politicians to apologise their hateful comments and follow their own guidelines.

In that statement, it is said that government investigates the possibilities for criminalizing the use of symbols of Nazism and Communism in political context.

Nazism as an ideology declares the superiority of one part of the population over others, and justified the killing of millions of those considered inferior. Communism as an idea proclaims the equality of people. The obstacle to equality is the capitalist economic system, and the goal of the communists is to abolish it. Killings and crimes against human rights by leaders of socialist countries were against communist principals and have been denounced by Finnish communists. The communist organizations in Finland are registered, legal organizations.

Communist Youth of Finland demands a correction to point 18 of the statement regarding the symbols of communism.

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