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Thank you for Kurdistan solidarity project - solidarity work will strongly continue

Punaisella taustalla piirroskuva keltaisesta auringosta, jonka päällä mustalla teksti: 'Kurdisolidaarisuus kutsuu kaikkia tukemaan rauhaa, ihmisoikeuksia ja vapautta!', kuvan alareunassa Kommunistinuorten, NCDK:n ja Spartacus-säätiön logot.

The joint Kurdistan Solidarity Project of Communist Youth of Finland, Kurdish Democratic Community Center NCDK and Spartacus Foundation will end at the end of 2022. A big thank you to everyone who participated! This is by no means the end of the solidarity work, but a springboard for even more impressive action.

The project was a year long and we, among other things, organized a fundraiser for the children and youth of the Serikaniye refugee camp in Rojava, collected signatures for a petition to remove the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) from the EU's list of terrorist organizations, participated in several Kurdish demonstrations, shared information about democratic confederalism and the alternatives presented by the Kurdish movement to achieve peace and justice in the societies of the Kurdistan Region, and spoke and demanded solidarity and justice for the Kurds.

The process for transferring the proceeds of the fundraising (1690 €) to the Serikaniye refugee camp, especially for the purchase of educational materials for children and young people, is underway.

The Kurds now need all possible support in the fight against Finland's, Sweden's and Turkey's dangerous deals and oppression of the Kurds. It must be demanded audibly that the human rights and political freedoms of the Kurds must be respected and no NATO membership can walk over this. There should be no arms trade with Turkey, which is at war with the Kurds.

We will continue to be there, where the flags are flying and the symbols are on display. Bijî Kurdistan!

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