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The EL Youth Network calls for solidarity with people affected by earthquake

Kuva Euroopan vasemmiston sivuilta, taustalla kuva maanjäristyksen raunioista sekä päällä solidaarisuustekstit englanniksi, turkiksi ja kurdiksi.

The European Left Youth Network (ELYN) expresses full solidarity to Turkish, Kurdish and Syrian people hit by a tragic earthquake on February 6th. It is a disaster that has caused thousands of deaths, wounded and missing people.

The destruction caused by the earthquake drew attention to a region that had already experienced for several years, economic turmoil, sanctions and the tragedy of war.

The ELYN is standing close to the peoples involved by this calamity in the time of crisis. We call on the international community to provide assistance with maximum effort, demanding a ceasefire in the area involved and lifting any kind of obstacle to allow the arrival of humanitarian aid in order to help populations already exhausted by years of war.

Finally, the ELYN supports the Solidarity Campaign active in the EU countries, collecting first aid material in each of our countries.

Youth and Peoples of Turkey, Kurdistan and Syria: you are not alone!

The Member Organizations of European Left Youth Network: SYRIZA Youth (Greece) Young Communists (Italy) UGS ㅡ Union of Leftist Youth (Italy) Młodzi Razem (Poland) Jovent Republicà (Catalan Countries) Left Youth (Finland) Jóvenes Izquierda Unida (Spanish State) die Linke.SDS (Germany) Linksjugend [‘solid] (Germany) Communist Youth (Finland) Red Jeunes (France) KSV-LiLi (Austria) Leftist Youth Front (Slovakia) Levica (International WG) (Slovenia)

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