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Elections 2023

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A big change in direction of politics is needed in Finland. Sanna Marin's five-party government has accelerated militarism and brought Finland more and more into the military alliance NATO, enacted a forced labor law that broke the nurses' strikes, and failed to redeem the climate promises and fix the biggest problem of basic services: the lack of sufficient funding.


In Finland, a neoliberal consensus has prevailed for 30 years, where all parliamentary parties have accepted the policy desired by right-wing party Kokoomus, although it has only benefited a few. The wealth of our country has accumulated in the hands of the richest 10 percent, and most of the income growth has been shared by the richest one percent. Many people are struggling to make ends meet and have to resort to multiple jobs and precarious and fragmented jobs. In many regions, the price of housing has already exceeded the pain threshold, when an unreasonable proportion of the income used to pay the rent alone is spent.


The current parliamentary parties have not been able to challenge the policies of Kokoomus or to bring a clear alternative for the redistribution of power and wealth as well as ecological system change, peace building and equality. We workers and those suffering from market-based politics must make our voices heard. That's why Communist Party of Finland.


Chech out Communist Youth of Finland's views on actual topics (in Finnish)!


Link to Communist Party of Finland's election program & election manifest (in Finnish)!

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