The activities of Communist Youth of Finland are the low threshold influencing in many different ways.

​We organize events and occasions and stimulate discussion on important topics of interest from a communist perspective. We work with other civil society actors and are ready to build a front to advance common goals.

We campaign, take a stand and look for the new forms of action so everyone in our organization could have their own place in the Communist Youth of Finland. In action, creativity is indeed possible and desirable.

Contact us if you have an idea in mind for action of Communist Youth of Finland so we will take advantage together!

Action against capitalism and furthering the goal of transition to socialism arises from comrades with a joint contribution. We offer a wide range of tasks and participation in our activities.

Past and future events can be found here (needs logging into Facebook).

We also add our events to the’s event calender (in Finnish).

You are welcome to join Communist Youth of Finland!