Privacy statement

Description last updated on 13th February 2024.

1. Controller and contact

Communist Youth of Finland (Kommunistinuoret ry), hereinafter “the association”, Viljatie 4 B 3rd floor, General secretary Jiri Mäntysalo and economical manager Erno Haverinen take care of the registry matters, and you can contact them via the association’s general e-mail in matters concerning personal data or this report.

2. Names of registers

Kommunistinuoret ry’s membership registers for person and support members, as well as the “Join as a member” forms for those applying for person or support membership on the website.

3. Registered

The member registers contain the members of the association. The “Join as a member” forms retain all communications sent through the forms.

4. Basis and purpose of keeping registers and processing personal data

The basis is the processing of personal data related to the association’s activities, which takes place with the consent of the registered person, because of membership or on other similar grounds. The purpose of use of personal data is monitoring of the association’s membership situation, member communication, purposes related to the planning and analysis of events and, if necessary, member research.

5. Personal data to be processed 

In addition to the registered person’s basic information (name, address, e-mail address and telephone number), the member registers contain the date of birth and the date of becoming a member.

6. Information sources

Information is collected on the association’s website ( with the “Join as a member” form, of which there are two – one for person members and the other for those applying for support members. Those applying for membership can also provide their information by sending it by email or through the association’s social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X, Threads, Bluesky, Mastodon, Discord).

7. Disclosure and transfer of information

Information from the member registers will not be disclosed outside the association or Communist Party of Finland’s district organizations, nor outside the EU and EEA countries.

8. Duration of data processing

Personal data is kept in the registers as long as the registered person’s membership in the association is valid. The “Join as a member” forms keep all contacts sent using the form until they are deleted by the system owner of the forms.

9. Data protection and processors

Member registers are located as protected files in the cloud service. The general secretary and the economical manager have access and right to use the files. If required by the operation, limited copies are made of them for the organizers of the events. Data protection is primarily based on the care and caution of the processors and compliance with the Data Protection Act.

10. Rights of the data subject

The registrant has the right to check and, if necessary, request that their data be corrected and request that their data stored in the registration forms be deleted. Requests for data inspection, corrections and deletion should be sent to the association’s general email address.

11. Changes in the privacy statement

Changes can be made to the report if necessary. We will update the up-to-date privacy statement on the association’s website and add the latest modification date. If the changes are significant, the matter will be announced separately on the association’s website and social media channels.