Ideology & politics

Communist Youth of Finland is a youth organization of Communist Party of Finland (CPF). We are characterized by action against capitalism, the power of money, injustice, oppression and exploitation, and work for a new socialist system in which the above-mentioned things do not determine anyone’s life. Our goal is a communist society with no states or armies, for example.

Today, injustice manifests itself in many forms, including poverty, homelessness, an inadequate livelihood, an increase in precarious work, racism and discrimination, and the cruel treatment of animals. In addition, the environmental crisis poses a threat to life and many species. The phenomena are both domestic and international.

What these phenomena have in common is their origin: the capitalist pursuit of profit, as well as the class differences caused by capitalism, which give rise to inequality. The capitalist mode of production ensures that the majority of the results of the work done by the working class end up in the bag of the own class, the bourgeoisie, even if workers shared the results of the work, there would be no class societies like the present.

If class differences are not realized, people in the working class will oppose each other, even though the working class should work together against the power of capital.

We are a unique player in the field of political youth, who is not committed to capitalism and the market economy and who has a vision of transition to a new social and economic system, socialism.

Communist Youth of Finland is needed to bring these issues to the attention and debate, and to work for the genuine abolition of structures that subjugate people, animals and the environment.