Bex Tapanainen continues as Chairperson of Communist Youth of Finland

Bex Tapanainen.

Communist Youth of Finland elected at its regular Annual Meeting in Turku on March 18 management for the organization and dealt with other annual meeting issues. Bex Tapanainen from Tampere will continue as Chairperson.


Elia Karlsson was elected as the new Vice Chairperson. Jiri Mäntysalo continues as General Secretary and Erno Haverinen as Financial Manager. Emilia Heikkinen, Tiina Heino, Niila Isojärvi, Arvo Lehtomäki and Ada Robbins were also elected to the Board.


In the action plan approved by the Annual Meeting, Communist Youth of Finland is aligned as a deviation from the mainstream dominated by capitalist hegemony, as Finland’s reddest, sharpest and most far-sighted youth organization. Our goal is the workers’ revolution and the transition to socialism and joint ownership of the means of production, which will help us move step by step towards a communist society that will make both states and armies unnecessary. We direct our activities to the target group of people under 35 years of age.