Demonstration for Rojava and Kurdistan in Helsinki on 19th July

Kutsukuva mielenosoitukseen Kurdistanin puolesta 19.7. Kuvitusmateriaalia sekä mielenosoituksen nimi, aika ja paikka.

Everyone along to the demonstration in Helsinki on Tuesday 19th July to demand end to the war and to defend Rojava and Kurdistan! Come to Kansalaistori Square, in front of Oodi in Helsinki on 19th July 2022 at 5 pm.



On the 10th anniversary of Rojava revolution we march to defend Kurdistan and protest all kinds of invasion and war operations in Kurdistan and North-and East Syria.


We demand:n- The Finnish government should not allow any deportations of asylum seekers to Turkey nor extradite any kurdish activists to Turkey. These actions would gravely endanger the peoples’ lives and safety. n- Finland should not allow any weapon permits to Turkey. By releasing an arms trade embargo with Turkey, Finnish state would support the Turkish army to commit another genocide against the Kurds.n- Freedom of speech is not for sale. Banning the Kurdish peoples’ political activities in Finland, would seriously damage the principles of democracy and freedom of speech, that people have fought and lost their lives for.n- A dictator and a liar like Erdogan should not have any influence on political decisions in Finland. Instead Finnish state should demonstrate to be on the side of democratic efforts and movements.

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