Report of the meeting with CYM

On 19th September Communist Youth of Finland met with Irish comrade organization Connolly Youth Movement (CYM) for the first time online in order to create connections, share experiences and discuss co-operation in general. 

In the meeting Communist Youth of Finland, represented by General Secretary Jiri Mäntysalo, and CYM, represented by International Secretary Ida Wulff, talked about political situation and atmosphere in both countries, fight for the working class, state of the civil societys, activism in the Trade Unions and internationalism. 

Mäntysalo shed light on the tactic and agenda of Finnish communists in elections in Finland. Next year Communist Youth of Finland’s mother party Communist Party of Finland will participate in the European elections and promote the leftist way out of the European Union’s capitalist structures and frames of austerity policies. Mäntysalo also told about Finnish communists’ work in European Left and ELYN (European Left Youth Network). 

Wulff talked about crises in Ireland that the working class must face, question of Northern Ireland, political awereness and activism of Irish youth and the history and international relations of CYM. Wulff also shared some important advice on international organizational work. 

Both organizations share marxist and leninist visions of understanding the problems in capitalist world and the need of strengthening the class struggle for system change.