New international youth symposium strengthens anti-imperialist front

Pieni karttapallo ja Kommunistinuorten haalarimerkkejä.

Youth anti-imperialist symposium bringing together comrades from several countries will be held in Berlin and online on Saturday and Sunday, May 21-22. The purpose of the symposium is to create a new front to intensify the international struggle against imperialism. The Communist Youth of Finland will be represented at the event by the board member Niila Isojärvi, who will participate remotely.

The invitation to the conference says that imperialism is a mandatory, inevitable stage in the history of societies, but not absolute and endless. It is the second and final stage of capitalism. Socialism, a fairer and more livable society, is waiting to be born. Imperialism is in a constant crisis. It will resort to all kinds of pressure and violence to overcome these crises and maintain the order it wants. By increasing racism and fascism, it creates artificial contradictions among the oppressed.

Imperialism deepens as much as possible the pre-existing contradictions of capitalism and begins to manifest itself as a more intense exploitation and impoverishment of the working class. This leads to an exacerbation of class differences and a contradiction between the bourgeoisie and the deprived working class. Contradictions prepare the objective conditions for revolutions by bringing with it a deepening crisis of imperialism and an increase in each country’s own national crisis.

The symposium is divided into four sessions, which will consider and analyze, among other things, the term of terrorism, organization of fronts, the role of young people in struggle and internationalism. Based on the discussions will be planned action. Communist Youth of Finland received an invitation to the symposium via Communist Party of Finland.