“If we want to achieve freedom and peace we must fight”

Logo of Communist Youth of Finland.

A greeting for the anti-imperialist youth symposium on 21st & 22nd May in Berlin and online from Communist Youth of Finland.

Greetings dear comrades!

It is really important to us that this new forum has gathered from all around the world to fight in the struggle against imperialist opression. Communist Youth of Finland greets everyone in the symposium and is waiting to see the next steps and moves of the international community. The fight against imperialism is really important to this day. We can not let imperialism to win over the youth of the world and continue its ruthless exploitation and violence against the people’s of the world. If we want to achieve freedom and peace we must fight back. It’s necessary that the youth does not get poisoned by imperialist thought and that the working people of the world get to know the horrors caused by imperialism in search for even greater profit.

It is time for the working people to know what imperialism is and what it is doing. Imperialism has caused many wars and a lot of unnecessary death, violence and suffering. The war mongering actions of NATO throughout its existence, the war in Ukraine and the embargo on Cuba are great examples of this. I hope that together we can fight against imperialism and oppression of the people’s of the world.


Niila Isojärvi and Communist Youth of Finland