The final spurt of Kurdistan Solidarity Project’s fundraiser – donate until the end of May!

Rahankeräyksen yksityiskohtaisia tietoja.

The final spurt has begun! Fundraising as part of the Kurdistan Solidarity Project of Communist Youth of Finland, NCDK and Spartacus Foundation is still running until 31st May! Via fundraiser we will support the educational and cultural activities of children and young people in the Rojavan Serikaniye refugee camp, concretely by acquisition of educational materials. Donate and help!

Donate to the account FI27 5700 8120 5405 34 with reference number 19208. Please use this exact reference number and donate latest on 31st May.

The fundraiser is organized as part of the Kurdistan Solidarity Project, which is being implemented in collaboration with Communist Youth of Finland, Kurdish Democratic Society Center (NCDK) and Spartacus Foundation. The project website can be found here!

The purpose of the funds is primarily to support the educational and cultural activities of the people of the Serikaniye refugee camp, especially young people, in Rojava (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) and, in concrete terms, to provide more educational materials.

Secondary use of funds: To provide information on the situation, problems and proposals for solutions in the refugee camps in Kurdistan, to support the Kurds’ own work in the refugee camp and to seek greater visibility on issues concerning Kurdistan and the international Kurdish movement.

Organizer of the fundraiser is Kommunistinuoret ry. Small-scale money collection number: RA/2022/210. More information:

Thank you so much!